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Hey, I played some games I like!

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The Fall. That’s a smashing CD. Not dynasti ending, but if you’re opening a new café and need to set that you made a nest for hipsters: There, enjoy.

What I got out of High School was this: I scrutinize. It was actually in the title of my final essay (Scrutinizing Hayao Miyazaki). I only spend time with something that I’m really sure I will enjoy, then as though looking a graph, I can see my enjoyment dissapearing as I dig for short-comings. But I’ve still manage to keep my optimism about these games:

  • Dragon Age: Origins is big and only for intelligent people who appreciate expansive lore, good acting and the feeling that even though a door is definitely foreverly locked, it still seems like there is SOMETHING behind it. Sure you can it enjoy it for other reasons, but these are the right ones.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, is big and stupid. But everybody can enjoy it. Enjoy it because it has a lot of fun tools to play with, like the rope-snake from the divine Mother 3 and a panflute that feels like a real instrument. Hate it because it’s flat, barren and has long boring train rides.
  • DADIU, the Danish video game education that combine a freak-load of other Danish universities, actually made a good game. It has everything going for it. Combined with a harrowing tale of industrialization with an intelligent ending (think Babel), it could would become a masterpiece. It’s also browser based through the Unity engine, which is simply a fantastic idea.
  • Does anyone else feel that they get a similar enjoyment through: video game sidequests, short stories from writers who’ve made larger works and small details that enrich a movie or book without been neccesary for the greater understanding?
  • Mew’s No More Stories, Are Told Today, I’m Sorry, They Washed Away, No More Stories, The World is Grey, I’m Tired, Let’s Wash Away (LONGEST FUCKING TITLE EVER), is a fantastic album.  And unlike Ms. Jones’, it IS dynasty ending.

Written by Jacob Hartmann

January 19, 2010 at 2:32 pm