Sketch Whales

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I love simplicity.

So anyway, PHEW! First semester of Japanstudies DONE! And it’s been awesome all the way. We finished by writing a history essay. I’m thinking of translating it to English and posting it on Canned Pixel, since found the subject really exciting.


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December 16, 2009 at 10:29 pm

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After drawing it, I thought sort of summed up my life right now. Japan Studies continue to rock. And as you can see, I’m still drawing away. I also still contemplate comics. A short story about Guinness has especially been something that I’ve wanted to do.

I also started another blog with my girlfriend Xiao. It’s supposed to be less personal, and more about… well still random stuff, but if I want to write say… an article about something, then that would be the place I’d post it.

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October 29, 2009 at 9:28 pm

Practising japanese

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October 21, 2009 at 4:21 pm

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Ah, starting university again has been fun! I’ve been reading up on hiragana again and it’s just… fun! I hardly drew anything this week, but got drunk quite a lot \( ^ _^)/

But I’ve finally gotten some time to just sit and sketch.

When I draw, I’m often inspired by what I see by Takehito Harada. But since I still don’t speak Japanese, I haven’t gotten to read any of his manga or quite understand his website or his posts, but the weird mix of fanatasy elements and modern objects is so compelling, I want to make stories like that, or stories that include those elements. They might not be anything like his, and they certainly won’t look it, since I can’t draw like him, but he seems to be a great souce of inspiration.

But isn’t it nice to be able to be inspired by something, and then the outcome purposely doesn’t look anything like the source? Otherwise it wouldn’t anything but copy?

Written by Jacob Hartmann

August 29, 2009 at 10:00 am

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Our Flimsy Companions

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Oh god I’m so tired… comic is done. Homework too. Going to see my family tomorrow. Dim Sum is awesome food… need oxygen.

I like this new comic a lot, but my scanner ruins watercolours… I like Samuel the fishbot, and I hope I can keep improving how I try and mix finished comic with the looseness and creativity of sketches. Perhaps the next comic? I’m sketching it out right now, but I hope I can some really crazy drawings in it. I’m also considering drawing a comic either on my iPhone or in msPaint…

EDIT: Scribd wasn’t really for me… so instead, I’ve gone the way of mr. Enrico Casarosa, and will be using my Flickr account to post comics from now on:

Our Flimsy Companions

Written by Jacob Hartmann

August 5, 2009 at 11:20 pm

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Indie Games

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I don’t think I was wrong when I wrote I had lost faith and interest in video games. But it was jumping the gun a little considering the amount of indie games being produced at the moment. Olivier Lejade was quick to remind me of this. But I still lack the qualities that I look for in games. That might not be fair either, considering that these qualities are mostly found in books and independent movies and might not be inherit to video games? When I see somebody trying to apply them, it seems forced and I loose interest.

Perhaps the only game that I’ve experienced where I can say I truly find the qualities I’m looking for is Braid. While Yatzee of Zero Punctuation mentions that it keeps gameplay and story seperate, he fails to recognize that it also lets the player intertwine, mix and match the story as the sees fit, making it very open to interpretation.

List to myself of indie games I need to complete/buy:

  • Aquaria
  • Braid
  • Dyson
  • The Spirit Engine 2
  • Noitu Love 2

I’ve finally gotten Spelunky. By gotten, I mean understood. The controls are awesome in that they do not leave room for failure, or newbies. I also really dig Derek Yus attempt at making the playing chosen actions, feel like self-involved stories. I’ve also died 132 times and still haven’t gotten past level 11.

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August 3, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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I’m Happy Again

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This year was terrible. Quitting that disgusting video game education and then spending the year almost completely alone in a new town… ARGH. Finally over. Taking a history class now so I can start studying Japanese next month in a bigger and better city.

Tiny Cartridge is gonna publish the article I was writing on Contact, which is making me… even more happy!

And my I was out of paper, so I bought a moleskine sketchbook, which is like the best sketchbook I’ve every been near, but also the most expensive.

I finished thumbnailing a comic, but I’m out of paper as I mentioned, so I won’t start drawing it fully till some time next week. But other than that, I’m already working on another story.

I’ve also been playing video games again. I know I’ve become too critical of games. It would be easier to just enjoy whatever comes my way but… they just don’t cut it. Knytt Stories was quite a fantastic experience Deserves all it’s praise. Mass Effect is good but… the kinetic feel of battles is missing, making me long for Bioshock, and the characters, while fantastically acted, are stiff as hell, making me long for Half-Life 2. But I do LIKE the characters, especially Wrex and the various Hanar. Wish the Hanar were playable.

Sketches! Bring in the SKETCHES!

If I were to make a video game, I would like this character to be the main.

This a map of my next comic.

This is the Sewer-Slug-Hag. She lives on an island.

This Moth-Slug reminds me of the dragonfly boss from Beyond Good & Evil.

In my next comic, this guy is present. I think he’ll be less crazy.

This is Samuel, the Fish-Droid-Butler. He’s in the comic I’m currently making.

This guy spies for fish.

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July 24, 2009 at 5:01 pm

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