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Dining Alone – An Eloquent Study

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I wanted to take a break from the little comic I’ve been wasting time with, so I could get a little inspiration back. And so I thought this could be and entertaining idea, and actually, practical too. Although it’s mostly a joke.

The concept of company is naturally of vital importance. And though I’m not accustomed to the state of being “between” partners, it’s hard to avoid spending, to some extend, some dinners in solitude. Indeed, “togetherness” should not be forced upon one another, to avoid strangulation of intimacy.

And so, I take it upon myself to narrate these treacherous waters.

Perhaps the first and most important vie to be dealt with, has to be the act of pre-occupation whilst dining. Certainly not appropriate in the company of others, it might seem as though multitasking is ideal, so as to lose focus on ones present state of lack of company. But what is important is learning to enjoy a table for one. Not ignoring it.

Instead, allow music to match the food as a good wine does. Lounge, jazz and classical are all ideal. Even modern up-beat and aggressive melodies can find their place with the right soup.

The next point of interest is the process of creation. Remember, as in all arts, it is not the product of the future that should be enjoyed, but the process of creation itself that should be the recipient of love.. If your mind is content in the present, then the future will be bright.

Next is decoration. While sexually, men might be more visually stimulated than women, all benefit from a visually gorgeous meal.

Make sure that the colours match, edges are clean (unless not intended) and that control is maintained on when foods touch and mix.

Finally: Illumination. The danes have a concept called “hygge”. The easiest way of translating it, would be to say it means warm, cozy and content. Such is easily achieved by ensuring that lighting supplements the colours of the food.

And remember, not all company is more desirable than solitude.


Written by Jacob Hartmann

January 22, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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