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So life has to move on. “Is it the right choice not to try out for animation school again?” I keep asking myself..
No? Being as I was so sure, and all the people who used to be unsure even became sure aswell, perhaps I was rejected from a different school than the one I thought I applied to. I changed and grew a lot to apply this time. Is it possible that if I change, perhaps enough to get admitted into school, drawing will have become something which no longer pleases me visually and artistically? Or am I simply trying to reason out of defeat?
What I’ve come up with so far, are a two things: I think illustrations please me more than animation. And neither Miyazaki nor Takahata studied art or animation. I think Miyazaki studied sociology or something like that, and Takahata studied French litterature. And even Murakami studied ancient Greek theater. So why shouldn’t I be able to study Japanese and still be a writer or an auteur or something third?

So… I bought new glasses (~^_^)~
and saw a glass blowing workshop. And the sakura are in full bloom. And other stuff !!!


Written by Jacob Hartmann

April 21, 2009 at 7:16 pm

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