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The Beginning of the End…!

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Go LOST references (Which are usually references themselves).

I can see why a lot of people are getting confused with LOST at the moment, but DAMN I think it’s never been better! Sawyer’s always been awesome but I can really see a reason for him being a favorite character right now.

The portfolio is going to the printer on monday, so two days left to finish things up.

Storyboard is SO close to being done. I’ve got movement drawings, but still want more. Plenty of drama and acting, but why not more? I still want one more perspective drawing and I aint’ satisfied with any of the animal sketches I’ve gotten so far.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m going to draw croquis for a couple of hours and go to the Zoo. OH and finish everything else up. These past few days have been constant up and downs of whether or not I believe I can do this. Right now I’m on the I-can-do-this side, so I just need to keep that up for two more days!

Couldn’t be bothered with scanning tonight, so here is an iPhone picture of a waitress tripping and dropping everything. I think it works. Her balance is off and it’s supposed to be, you can tangibly feel how her foot touches the ground and the line of action is obviously there I think.



Written by Jacob Hartmann

March 6, 2009 at 11:14 pm

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