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I’m back at working on my portfolio for The Animation Workshop. This year has gone by quickly when looking back and yet been agonizingly slow.

It’s perhaps more stressful than last time. I’m more certain than ever that this is the way for me, which only makes it worse that I might fail again.

I have to make lots of backgrounds, emotional characters, movement drawings, storyboards, tangible croquis and overall good sketches. This time I have a far better idea of what is required of me and yet I’m as lost as ever.

And though I’ve spent the whole day drawing (the last five days went with painting the old appartment) I’m not really satified with anything I make. Sometimes it seems like this school demands superhuman drawing abilities and sometimes I’m left thinking “That’s it?”.

I think I’ll finish by posting one of my freestyle drawings. It still needs some corrections, like the hair flowing all over and the little girl looking like a boy, but otherwise I think it shows my artstyle quite nicely.

The Danish Ghpst


Written by Jacob Hartmann

February 26, 2009 at 9:23 pm

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