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So, I thought somebody might like to see what I’m up to at the moment. Well, I don’t want talk too much about it, but, amongst the 3-4 projects, one of them is a demo of a game, with some of the design ideas that I’ve been brewing in my head for a long time now.

As you can see, but probably don’t know, just by looking at it, I am not drawing the graphics myself. They are made by a group of Japanese guys named REFMAP. They stopped making this kind of stuff some years ago, but the sprites are still beautiful and highly miss-used in the RPG Maker communities. As I get further into the project, I’ll continue to rant about my design ideas.

Okay, I will give a hint to what

I am doing with the game. I am trying to make… let’s call it a tech demo, of the unused possibilities concerning narrative in

gaming. Sounds lofty? It is!


Written by Jacob Hartmann

April 11, 2008 at 10:39 pm

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