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Last friday I visited The Animation Workshop. The school is quite interesting. It’s housed in an old military base or something like that. I got to see all of it and I’m totally psyched! Artwork, drawings, animation posters and nerdy stuff everywhere! It was heaven!

I got to show my temporary portfolio, which should be finally done sometime next week, and the feedback was really positive so I’m convinced that I have a shot at getting in. 7-10% chance I estimate from… nothing. Anyway, my opponents seemed to consist mostly of girls who love Tokyo Mew Mew, so that’s a plus!

Getting a place to live while attedning AnimWork doesn’t seem to be problem. Viborg was something like the first city in Denmark with a “home guarantee” for students. That’s a major plus, since it doesn’t seem like a good idea to apply for a campus room somewhere until you’ve actually been accepted into the school.

So far my portfolio is around 22 pages, but it’s hard to say how much that will change once done. I still need some more life-drawings, 1 or 2 perspective drawings and some croquis-studies. The life-drawings will from Internet pictures, the perspective drawings probably be my brother’s appartment and the nearby area, and the croquis-studies will be of my girlfriend (it’s fun to boss her around to sit or stand it definite positions).


Written by Jacob Hartmann

February 28, 2008 at 12:29 am

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