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A Crucial Turning Point

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Welcome to my blog. I know that no one will be reading it for quite some time, but the concept behind it is important and sadly non-existant, and so, I have decided to create this blog to help people.

My name is Jacob and I’m a selfproclaimed drawing… guy. My dream is to work in either the animation industry or the videogame industry. As I live in the Denmark, the only option I have to get an education, is to enter the Animation Workshop, a small college focused solely on the art of animation in 2D and 3D. To enter this school you need to be creative and talented in your visual communication skills. But that’s all I know. And I’ve looked. Looked a lot. So therefore, I decided: “Okay, in a few months I’ll either be accepted into the school or rejected. I know a lot of people are in my position right now or eventually will be. They’ll just as much or little as me and I think that’s sad”.

In effect, this blog is to document my journey to and inside animation college for the help of other people.

As for the title, well, in about 16 hours, I’ll know whether or not I’ll have to go to the military for 4 months after highschool, which would prevent me from attending the Animation Workshop for a whole year.

Right now I’m feeling extremely nervous. I can’t see the point of a danish army, considering its diminutive size. For the last 3 years I’ve felt like I’ve been wasting my time, but I knew that I wasn’t good enough to get into the animation school yet. But I finally feel like I have a legitimate chance and I would hate to turn those wasted 3 years into 4.

In the future I’ll upload my portfolio and if the future is bright I’ll talk about a lot more about general life at the animation school and how I got in. Hopefully.

For now, here are some soon-to-be archaic drawings of mine, which will not be part of my portfolio (well perhaps one of them will):

ps. the banner is just a temporary thing. It’s just a banner I draw for my highschool for a competition.


Written by Jacob Hartmann

December 7, 2007 at 10:09 am

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